We call it Ki-Boo (KB).

In a world that is moving fast, a boutique store has been set up, to move slowly. At KB, you can find useful kitchenware made of wood, clay, natural materials, as well as personal care products, made by small-scale producers, slowly, one by one, handmade, with a special philosophy, taste and meticulously selected natural ingredients.

Products that are made slowly and last for a long time! Traditional products for everyday use, which are produced in various parts of Greece, including Crete, the Peloponnese, Macedonia, the Cycladic islands and Epirus. In the KiBoo, you live an experience!

Welcome to KB! Here you will find products from Laouta, Agora, Apeiranthos, Aeolis, Ena Karo, Helleo, Blue Scents, Cura Naturale, Minoan, 111elies, Kyklopas, Bioselect, Olive’s secret, Zelia and many more!